Hey there! I’m Ian and this is my site dedicated to music, and some other geeky stuff too.

A bit about me:

I’ve been a pretty serious musician since about 2007; a bit of a late bloomer, I feel in love with the guitar around the time I turned 17 and started desperately trying to make up for lost time. The first few years of playing, I probably averaged at least 40 hours of study and practice a week, taking guitar lessons, studying music theory in school, jamming, writing and recording on guitar, bass, piano, drums, and flute. I studied music performance briefly in at Musicians Institute, but ended up going trough a certificate program for music business and recording at SF State’s Music Recording and Industry program instead.

After college, I played in a few local bands around San Francisco, including my super awesome rock band Karma Sutro in which I still play. I also did freelance recording work, which through an odd turn of events lead me to a career in computer programming after I took a job at a speech synthesizer company as an audio specialist. Because most of the work I was doing was related to machine learning and artificial intelligence, I became interested in the intersection of music and machine learning. I write about that in my tech section sometimes.

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